Monday, May 2, 2011

Glazed over with glazing...

I know my weaknesses. Well, I know some of them. One is my penchant for waiting until the last minute to do things. I know the deadline is out there somewhere, I know I should do a little here and there, I know I should plan. But no, not me. I wake up, the deadline is tomorrow or, when it comes to pottery, it's usually a week or so out --- but still I have to cram more than I should into a too-short time-frame.

I have two plus kiln loads of bisque sitting on shelves that needs to be glazed and fired before a show I'm doing in two weeks. Ain't no way! Yes, I have some glazed, but two kiln loads of bisque equals at least four full kiln loads of glazed pieces, probably more. I have one glaze load almost ready to go.

You think I'm going to get it finished? Maybe. Doubtful.

Glazing takes concentration. It takes attention to detail. When rushed, errors occur. I know that some pieces are going to come out of the kiln with flaws even when I'm not rushed (especially given the way I like to experiment!). However, when I let time get away from me, and I push like this, I have a higher fatality rate than usual.

Given that I've been playing in the clay for a numerous years, I have gotten better, decreased my fail rate to almost nothing. Yow, I hope that doesn't jinx me...

Another thing that happens when I wait to the last minute is that I'll reach for the glaze I want for a piece and find out I'm out, or that it's dried up, or that there's not enough. That piece goes by the wayside. No time to order glaze, make glaze or head to the store.

Biggest problem I have right now is that I'm flat out NOT in the mood to glaze. I have all these ideas bubbling around in my head for pieces I want to create. What's really funny about that one is that it's not so much the pieces I want to create, it's that I have some cool glaze ideas I want to try and I need a specific type of piece to be able to do the experiments! The things I have sitting on the shelves waiting for me were last month's cool glaze ideas... new ones have crowded them out.

I guess I need to give up everything else in my life and just hang out in the studio. Unfortunately, that's not really possible. Getting some self-discipline and learning to pace myself just isn't going to happen either. I used to try. I really, really worked at it off and on for many years. I am a miserable person when I don't let my muse lead where it will.

Time to head to the studio, glazing awaits! I will get better, I will get better, I will get better... ha ha ha.