Monday, October 16, 2006


Yesterday I was at an art's event where some of my work was being showcased (along with a LOT of other artists!). I was generally pleased with the comments by those viewing my pieces, although I didn't sell any.

I have one piece that I am very attached to and just love. Why, I don't know, but something in the colors and the shape or combination thereof fits my idea of nice. Someone was talking to me about my work, giving compliments and then told me they were talking with another artist and the two of them had agreed it would be a much better piece without the additions. I explained why there were there but didn't say what went through my mind, which was that I liked them.

Everyone has their own ideas of art and what is good. It didn't offend me that the person offered their opinion, although it might offend some. I appreciate constructive critism, even if I don't decide to act on it.

Some people are purists when it comes to pottery. They don't want to marry various materials. I'm like that with nuts. I love to eat them... alone. Put them in a batch of brownies and the brownies are ruined. I'm a brownie purist . Some folks want the pottery to shine for what it is and feel that additions detract.

I'm a potter, a crafter and an artist. I like mixing and matching various materials. Some pots would look horrible with additions, and some might think some of the additions on a few of my pieces are horrible.

If you're going to be an artist and show your work to the public, you're going to have to learn tolerance. Everyone has an opinion, everyone has different tastes, you're not going to please everyone (in some cases, you might only please a few people). If you are pleasing yourself with what you're creating, and you're willing to grow and learn, you'll sooner or later find a market for your work.

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