Monday, February 21, 2011

New website - need help reviewing please

I'm considering using Wix for my website hosting. I've built a temporary site using their tools. The site is free for now as long as I use in the URL. If I want to use my own domain name it'll cost. Basic is reasonable (under $50 a year) but when I get over 500 mb it gets into a range that I find unreasonable compared to what I'm now paying to host my site. The only advantage I see is that it's prettier and more functional than the one I built using my skills at the time.

I could build one better and continue to host it myself, but I don't know Flash so it wouldn't have some of the whiz stuff. Or I can use Wix. I've noticed that a number of artists are using them, appears they're doing the basic package as the Wix links are still showing at the bottom. Higher price eliminates the Wix ad.

Sat in on a webinar a few weeks ago re: websites. There were a thousand people on-line and if I remember the numbers correctly roughly 70% had websites and roughly 90% of those with websites had never sold anything on their site. Given those statistics it doesn't seem to be worth spending a whole lot of money on a website. However, that doesn't help me in this decision making process 'cause either way I go (basic/500 mb limit or stick with what I have) I'm roughly paying the same.

Here's a link to the new site: (I'm working with them on getting rid of the 'com' at the end, my mistake not realizing format of the free site URL).

I'd love it if some of you would go take a look at what I did and see what you think. I haven't sized some of the photos, grabbed some fuzzy ones and haven't titled them yet, but basic idea / look is there.

Let me know if you like it, hate it, have any experience with Wix or you have another option you think would work for me.


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  1. My first impression is "boy this is slow, glad I'm not on dial-up or my iPhone." Once it loads it looks very pretty. I like the gallery and the way that works, very user friendly. I wonder if you don't have too much information in the "about" tab and I'm not sure if you need a tab for Twitter but some people may like/want to see the posts.
    You might be able to find someplace less expensive like Blue Host, it's like $7 a month for unlimited.


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