Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Looking for artists with a big heart...

If you are in the south metro Atlanta area, or beyond for that matter, and would like to use your art to help support some local charities do I have a great proposition for you ....

The local Realtors in my county (Fayette) have been getting together annually for umpteen years for an event called "Noel November". They ask local businesses and groups to decorate and donate a Christmas tree or wreath which they then auction off in November. They choose two or three charities to be the beneficiaries and give all the proceeds to them. Typically that's pretty close to 100% of the dollars raised, if not the entire amount.

It's a really nice event. They have music, food, a silent auction and usually have a great turn out. To raise money to cover expenses the realtors donate their time at local charities or just donate dollars. I was involved in it back when it first got started through a charity I was supporting. I designed their original logo and helped to put together the first two or three events. I bought a tree and donated a tree...

This year I thought it would be fun to ask my fellow artists to help decorate a tree. I have the tree already, it's 6ft and nice and full (picked it up from a decorator, very pretty). I'll do the decorating if I can get some of you to share your talents by making 6 - 12 ornaments to place on the tree, make a garland, a tree skirt for the bottom, etc.

I'm thinking about a rainbow color scheme but I'm open to suggestions as long as you suggest soon... We need some sort of color coordination as I want it to be the most stunning tree they've ever had!!!

I think silver would look good with rainbow colors, so if you're a metal artist or will be adding findings to your ornament try to stay with silver tones if you could. I was going to say gold, but that could get expensive...

If you're a fabric artist and would like to donate a rainbow garland (will have to be a couple of inches wide but long enough to wrap around the entire 8 ft tree) that would be spectacular. Also it'd be cool to have a tree skirt to go on the bottom.

We'll need a tree topper too if someone is so inclined, but let me know so I can let others know not to duplicate efforts.

What else do we need for a tree? I have the lights (clear so they won't clash).

The ornaments don't need to be large and shouldn't be too heavy. Love to have some stained glass and glass artists participate! Doesn't matter what kind of artist you are, there's a spot on the tree for your decorations!

I'll share ideas and photos on here as we're receiving things on here to spark ideas & help keep a somewhat similar color scheme. That is, assuming and hoping some of your participate!

I'm going to put together a small booklet to go with the tree with a one paragraph bio for each artist who donates. If you send me a jpg of one of your ornaments I'll also do a slide show and include your contact info, which I'll share on the Georgia Front Page and in as many other places as I can find to pop it. I'll also make sure we get some press coverage, do a press release, etc.

If you'd like to contribute, email me at (boy am I going to get bombarded with spam for adding that in here ;-) or comment on here and I'll follow up. I can pick up local ornaments or will share my shipping address if you'd like to send via mail.

Here's specifics:

~ 6 - 12 ornaments per artist
~ 3-4 inch ornaments (unless you're doing long & thin, then maybe 5 inches would be fine)
~ rainbow and silver color scheme
~ deadline: Halloween (Oct 31st...I have to have time to pull it all together & do some photos for press releases)
~ send 1 or 2 jpg photos to with your info
~ need ONE artist to make:
   - tree skirt
   - tree topper
~ need ONE OR TWO artists to make:
   - garland to wrap around fat 6 ft tree

I'll keep you posted on when the event will be, which charities they choose (usually something to do with children), and how the tree is coming along. Maybe if we get enough local artists to participate we can have a decorating party! That'd make a great photo op... and be a lot of fun, too.

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