Saturday, May 22, 2010

One more day at the Metro Market in Buckhead...

The Metro Market will continue on without me until July after tomorrow... I am having a great time meeting new people, selling my work, getting to know a lot of new artists and others. Hopefully when I'm next able to join the merry crew some of the same artists will be there so we can catch up!

June is another busy month for me and I don't think I can slide in a weekend that month, although I'd like to do so. I talked with them about coming back in July, which will work great for me as that's a downtime month. I'll keep you posted.

They'll be continuing the Mart at least through August!!! Yeah!

It's a great venue for artists --- indoors, air conditioned, easy in and out for loading, and they're doing more and more advertising to bring in buyers. They are looking for higher end art, no buy-sell. They also would like to have more food vendors so it will include a "farmer's market".

I'm really hoping the community will come out to support the new market. If you've been reading my blogs you already know it's styled on a European market theme with art, fresh produce, cheeses, hand-crafted jewelry, original design clothing, and more. Today some new artists came in giving me a whole new group to discover.

Artists can choose to be there for one weekend, multiple weekends or by the month. They're also considering a co-op type arrangement if there's sufficient interest and they can work out the details. Dori, Candace and their supportive families are all working together to build this into a successful venture.

I think the Market is going to catch on and pretty soon they'll have crowds floating through. I'll be stopping by to pick up some cheese and to grab a spinach calzone when I'm in the area!

They'll be open Saturdays and Sundays through August and hopefully longer. If you're out and about tomorrow, stop by to see me! They're located just off I-85 on Piedmont Road.

BTW... Next month some of my work will be on display at the bustling Fayette County Library. I'll tell you more about that in another blog sometime soon. This next weekend I'll be at a festival in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Beautiful area, expect I'll have fun.

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