Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Art friends...

My brain is still on the "art" node today. I was just thinking about the ladies who shared their art along side me yesterday at the Hollingsworth House. There was some amazing art in the building!

Susan Norton www.thepaintedthread.com. I met Susan recently at an event at Beyond the Door in Senoia (a very cool place). I saw one of her wall hangings and started drooling. She had another there also that I almost grabbed, but had to sell some of mine first to be able to justify. I had to invite her to join me for my annual show! When I saw all of her work displayed yesterday I was truly in awe. Talent, an eye for color, great composition, and, and, and... there's some of her work on the website I posted, but not enough to give you an idea of how talented this beautiful lady is! She's someone I hope to get to know a lot better and expect to find that we'll become great friends.

Gail Jensen, www.studiogg.com. Helena Marette (I'll tell you about her in a minute) came to my house for a small get-together and, special and giving person that she is, brought me a gift of these very useful and lovely glass dip markers (you have to go to Gail's website to see what I'm talking about). After that sort-of introduction, I saw one of her guitars at the Dogwood Gallery in Tyrone. Loved it. So, when Helena suggested that she join us for the show, I had to say yes. She didn't get to bring a lot as she'd been on vacation. While I didn't get to see much of her work, I did get a chance to get to spend a little, little time with her (we were all non-stop last night, not much of a chance to visit). I can't wait to see the ornament she's making for me and to get to know her a bit better!

Helena Marette. Sad to say, I don't know if Helena has a website and the two of us have been friends for quite some time! I'm going to hafta ask the question. Helena and I are art friends and political friends. She is a lovely soul, someone anyone would be proud to call friend. I love her work. Yesterday she brought some of her jewelry and it walked out the door... actually, it was worn out the door! She is an extremely talented person with a big heart, and is someone I value as a friend and fellow artist.

Fiona Dennis, artist. Unfortunately Fiona was ill, but she did manage to bring her fantabulous paintings to the show. I "met" Fiona initially through a mutual friend. When I popped over to her website and looked at her paintings I fell in love with her vibrant colors and subject choices. She has contributed two chairs to the annual Chair-ity Event here in Fayette County which benefits The Children's Village at Christian City. Beautiful chairs, my favorite being the Mermaid Chair she put together this year! I'll try to share some of her work with you at some point.

Donna Rosser, www.thebarefootphotographer.com Donna and I have been friends for quite some time. She brought a few of her note cards and her cookbook to display but had a conflict that night so she wasn't able to participate fully. I would love to have had some of her photos to display! She is an award-winning photographer and a good friend. I'd write more, but I'm beginning to fizzle out, still in wind-down-from-non-stop-prep-and show-itis .

So much talent in one house yesterday! I do so appreciate having such talented friends and very much loved having them share their art yesterday.

I'd also like to give a BIG thank you to Belinda Fitch, owner of the Hollingsworth House and MC Events (catering). I have been so impressed with her big heart, giving so much to help the kids at Christian City (and I'm sure many other charitable groups!). She walks the walk.

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