Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Busy little bee...

Not quite as little a bee as I used to be , but I'm still busier than most bees these days. I needed a down day without a lot of pressure or physical activity to decompress after my shows so I took yesterday and worked on getting the pottery side of my personality set up on Facebook and Twitter. I have new accounts (Janet McGregor Dunn Hummingbird on Facebook, HHPotteryStudio on Twitter). I now have them all feeding (I hope) to each other in a way that allows this blog to feed to Twitter which then feeds to Facebook.

I just checked Facebook and I'm up to 85 friends already (thank you very much)! I'm on the hunt for good arts friends, plus friends from home and family who support the arts (or me!).

This blog is a test to see how it's all working... I've connected everything before on my political sites and my business sites, but it's been a while. I had to go searching through old memories to find the names of aps. One of my personalities is a computer geek. My multiple personalities also have multiple personalities.

Need to run out to the studio soon to check for damage. Had some nasty stuff running through the area last night, saw on one of my twitter accounts that areas of Georgia had storm damage. Doesn't look bad out the window, but we're in a heavily wooded area so there's a good chance we have limbs down. My studio sits in a little "hollow" surrounded by trees.

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