Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In recovery...

We've already established that I'm a wimp (if you read my previous post). These past few days have proven that I truly am a wimp!

While I had a wonderful time these past few days, I could live without the sun-up to sun-down set up, break down, packing, unpacking, clean up, whine, whine, whine . I need a Samantha nose that I can tweak and wiggle just enough to move all my work from home and studio to shelves, then back again. Better yet, from home and studio to new owner's homes... with payment, of course!

I am very happy with sales over the past few days. More importantly, I'm very happy with those who fell in love with a piece or two or three of my work and just had to take it home! I discovered a very long time ago that I love to create and I love to be appreciated. Money is what supports my habit, praise is what feeds my soul (along with the creation of a piece, I think I'd shrivel up and blow away if I couldn't do something artistically creative).

I enjoy making the making of each piece so much I sometimes think it might not bother me all that much to just have a huge, huge warehouse with tons of shelves to display the end products. Then I do a show or have someone stop over to buy a creation of mine and I realize just how much I enjoy having others see and appreciate my art.

I have a good friend who now owns maybe 5 or so pieces of mine. Whenever she stops by to see my work I drop everything and just follow her around to hear her comments, to "see" through her eyes. She makes ME appreciate the finished pieces!

Back to my whining and wimping... the end result was well worth the effort, so I can't really wimp and whine too much. I had so much fun with my fellow artists at our open house and reception yesterday! Plus, I made some new friends in recent days through the Saturday show and our show yesterday. No matter how tired I might be today (a whole lot extra goes into doing your own show when you're in charge of putting the entire thing together), I would do it all again tomorrow.

I laid in bed last night working on a way to have another event before Christmas, thinking about our Spring show, reviewing the past few days to find ways to make it go better, churning through ideas on how to display my work here at home so all those who've asked to see it before Christmas can do it without it being a big production, etc., etc., etc.

If it's not raining tomorrow I'm going to unpack the boxes left from the weekend and take photos of each piece as I do. My friend Donna Rosser, The Barefoot Photographer, put together a mock-up of a photo portfolio for me a few months back. I plan to get my tush in gear and capitalize on her idea... so many plans, so little time.

So much for recovery, I guess I'm happily addicted.

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